Everyday is a good day to celebrate women. I’m rarely the conventional person who celebrates holidays and considers them with a certain level of sacredness… but this year I’m going to do things a little bit differently and Women’s Day looks like a good day to get started.

In order to celebrate someone or something, you need to have a reason. So my first quest is to find the why! Why do we celebrate Women’s Day? Here are a few reasons why I’m celebrating today…

First and foremost, I’m a woman. As easy as we make it seem, being female is not a walk in the park. Over the years, I have grown to accept, appreciate, understand and love who I am. If this isn’t a cause for celebration then I don’t know what is. PS, I don’t want to know, LOL.

The Mothers… a big reason to celebrate Women’s Day is that Mothers are women. We can all admit that we still don’t know what it is about mothers, but their souls are like angels. Their nurturing ways, their kind words when we are down. Most importantly, the warm feel of their gentle touch. The most beautiful part is that anyone you consider to be your mother makes you feel this way about them. Kudos to mothers for scoring a reason to celebrate Women’s Day!

Historical events and facts; a very broad and nearly endless topic. Dating back to pre-slavery and pre-colonial times, we have seen how women were treated as the lesser or weaker being. Fast forward to date: women are allowed to say what they think, they are allowed to pursue any career path they want and they are even allowed to vote. Most of the freedoms we are enjoying today are a result of what the women before us fought to have. Women’s Day serves as a memento of what our ancestors longed to experience.

I’m feeling generous enough to give you the how now that we have the why. A few ways you can celebrate Women’s Day is by sending a message or calling a woman you appreciate and wishing them well on this day. You can take a woman out on a shopping spree (make sure you invite me too! Haha), get them a meaningful gift, spend the day with them, prepare dinner for them, help them clean up their kitchen ( I know mama loves it when I do that for her kitchen), help them babysit their children, watch a movie with them or even pay for their next hair or nail appointment. Make this Women’s Day meaningful by being as sentimental as possible. This means, you can even take this opportunity to reconcile with any woman you had a misunderstanding with; let them know that a difference in opinion doesn’t mean there should be a rift between you.

As curiosity may have it, some of you would want to know what I’m doing today. I plan to visit my sister and spend some time with her. And yes, the others may get jealous but… one sister at a time and, their turn will eventually come. *grin*

Happy Women’s Day to all the women I know; stay beautiful and continue being inspirational! And remember to make today more meaningful by wishing the women you know and care about a happy Women’s Day and letting them know why you celebrate them.

Also, thanks for reading my post and feel free to comment down below or in my DMs and share the article. Love always, Sunshine.


HAIR is a big deal for everyone regardless of age, sex and ethnicity. An individual’s choice of hairstyle reveals so much about them than we are willing to admit. This is why it’s important to make calculated decisions regarding what you do with your hair. Here is some hype to maintain that fro!

  • Each one of us has unique hair. Keeping your hair natural allows you to express your individuality and simultaneously expresses God’s creativity.
  • It is a confidence stimulant. Contrary to common belief, wearing your hair natural stimulates your confidence to a generous degree. Even if you have on a wig, weave or even braids, knowing that underneath the protective hairstyle there is your natural hair is a different kind of hype.
  • It’s not about how fast your hair can grow. The goal of going natural or being natural is not to grow your hair to back length or butt length; although if it does, congratulations! Haha. The purpose of a natural hair growth journey is to develop a sense of self love. To rewrite the narrative about African hair and prove that it is just as manageable as any other hair texture.
  • It allows you to be creative. Natural hair is very versatile and fun to manipulate. There are several ways to wear natural hair and that is a super power “to die for”(Speaks in Scar’s voice).
  • It prevents breakage and damage. We all know the story: girl grows up with natural hair, girl starts to straighten hair, girl decides to perm hair, girl’s hair starts breaking, girl hates being black cause of hair breakage, girl cuts hair, girl goes natural, girl gets tempted to straighten hair again and thus the cycle continues. Once you go natural, don’t go back… cause your natural hair is more healthy than straightened hair and can handle manipulation better.
  • It screams ‘DOPE!!!’ from a mile away. Am I the only black woman who feels the super hero vibe because of my natural hair? Yeah? No? Okay, let’s leave it here.
  • It shows respect and appreciation to God and to our ancestors. Yep! I’m going all out and deep in. This is a sensitive point and may raise some controversy but, I’m not erasing it either way.

I would like to hear more reasons, if any, from my pro-fro folks out there. Do feel free to leave a comment down below.

I admit this post is quite biased. LOL… but hey, why not share it with someone whose natural hair you would like to appreciate?

PS: We are all at liberty to do whatever we like with our hair. There is no written law about the matter at hand and also Y.O.L.O (make it count!)


Apparently, I launched my blog like last year, on the first day of my birth month. No one knew about the launch. LOL!

I would like to thank my hypemen (the list is too long to mention each one) for liking my short writings on my status updates on whatsapp and for coming all the way here on wordpress to read some more.

I had done a survey to find out what content would work best for my blog, and yeah… the majority went for what I love the most, pan-African content. I can assure you all that we are going to go all out on African content! However, I do not in anyway wish to limit myself to one sort of writing and what not. As such, I am pleased to say that I will blog about literally everything! My faith, career, wins and losses, the nitty gritty current affairs, the skrrrr skrrrr updates, and I will definitely share my experiences from all the way back in the 90s. Haha, talk about all out uh.

So, for the sake of order, I will try to develop a pattern of the content I share. As we all know, I don’t write to please the masses, I write because I have a burning desire to either heal me or heal someone out there… depends on what God places on my heart.

Otherwise, my greatest hope is that every time I post something, it will be worth the read and it will bring some sunshine to us.

A toast to you for reading through all this and to me for finally getting around to sharing my writings with the world!!!!